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What is fashion choreography?

A fashion choreography organizer helps to create a fashion show.  Working with the designer of the collection, they will decide the  music, tempo, models, background, lighti (MORE)

How did bob fosse incorporate emotion into his choreography?

  Bob Fosse used isolated movement and subtext as a way to convey emotion to his audiences. Subtext is an acting philosophy where instead of a character only thinking abou (MORE)

How do you make up choreography?

There are many parts to consider when creating choreography. First, think about what dance genre you are interested in choreographing and do some research pertaining to that (MORE)

How do you use choreography in a sentence?

E.g. Man! Did you see that guy? He had sick choreography. He hit the beats and the flow was so smooth! Do you know how hard it is to make up your own choreography to a music?
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What language did the word choreography come from?

The word 'choreography' originally came from the French word choréographie, but then that word comes from the Greek word khoreíā, meaning 'dance'. Then khoreíā is transla (MORE)

Why is choreography important?

Choreography is the setting of dance movements to music. Choreography allows dance to be translated from the choreographer's mind to a dancer's body. Choreography allows the c (MORE)