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How do you create choreography?

I'm only 12 but I have made some very impressive choreography. When I hear a piece of music I like, I instantly see a group of dancing people in my head. its like they enco (MORE)

What are the basics of choreography?

Basic steps and moves is about as basic as it gets. Try stepping in a square to a song with a steady beat to start, not too fast, though. When you are ready to move on, create (MORE)

What is chance choreography?

This is choreography that is left pruely to chance, for example rolling dice can be used to decide how many dancers and sections you will have in your dance.

How do you become a choreography?

BALLET : Choreography A ballet's choreography (arrangement of dance movements) may be based on such sources as a story, a musical composition, or a painting. If a choreogra (MORE)

Why is choreography important?

Choreography is the setting of dance movements to music. Choreography allows dance to be translated from the choreographer's mind to a dancer's body. Choreography allows the c (MORE)

Who did the choreography for Mary Poppins?

In the movie version of Mary Poppins (1964), Marc Breaux (1924 -2013) and his wife, Dee Dee Wood, were the choreographers of thedance scenes. For the stage play, Marc Breaux c (MORE)

What is fashion choreography?

A fashion choreography organizer helps to create a fashion show.Working with the designer of the collection, they will decide themusic, tempo, models, background, lighting, st (MORE)