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Where is Christchurch?

Answer . Christchurch is a city located in the South Island of New Zealand. . Christchurch is the largest city on South Island, New Zealand.
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What is Christchurch in Maori?

Otautahi Meaning the place of Tautahi a chief who arrived in one of the original waka (ocean going canoes)
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What is the capital of Christchurch?

Christchurch does not have a capital, it is a city. New Zealand only has one capital and that is Wellington,- at the bottom of the North Island.
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How big is Christchurch?

christchurch has just had an earthquake a couple weeks ago and my brother and my aunty live there so HELLO
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What is Christchurch known for?

Christchurch was known to have large number of heritage buildings than other cities in New Zealand like Auckland and Wellington before September 4, 2010 earthquake
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How did christchurch get its name from?

Type your answer . The inhabitant of Christchurch is vaguely aware that the name of his city was the pious choice of the Church of England founders of it, and his guess is pr ( Full Answer )
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Where was the christchurch earthquake?

The September 4 earthquake was based around Darfield. the February 22 earthquake was based in Lyttleton.
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How cold is it in christchurch?

in the winter the temperature is normally 13 - 19 degrees Celsius and in the summer the temperature is normally 23 - 33 degrees Celsius the record temperature for Christchurch ( Full Answer )