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What is consciousness?

Consciousness: Consciousness is the core of our life. At the lower extremity it just keeps us awake spending very little power and at the other, it supplies all the avail (MORE)

What is level of consciousness?

do it . a person's level of consciousness is the level of awareness they presently exhibit. For example, under certain types of anesthesia, people can seemingly be alert a (MORE)

What is stream of consciousness?

IT IS WRITING IN WHICH THE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS OF THE WRITER ARE RECORDED AS THEY OCCUR. It is a form of writing that, rather than having an obvious plot with an obvious be (MORE)

What is consciousness for?

Whatever you want it for. Something good, I hope. Many are making a whole new view of things and a whole new world. That would be a good usage, I would think. I'd say it's for (MORE)
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Effects of consciousness?

Before anything came into existence there was oneness, this singularity was all there was completely all knowing, everywhere and nowhere present, and all powerful. Being all t (MORE)

What is career consciousness?

Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person 's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". It can also pertain to an occupation o (MORE)

What is Christ consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the state of mind where all things are seen and felt to be one. Christ Consciousness is the universal consciousness, the God consciousness, the state (MORE)

When you die is their consciousness?

no one knows for sure but i have had freinds who have flatlined and been resuscitated and they tell me all pain goes away and you feel as if your floating id say maybe but phy (MORE)

Why you have a consciousness?

Consciousness serves an evolutionary purpose. Conscious beings can make conscious decisions, which can be superior to automatic or instinctual decisions made by organisms that (MORE)