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What are the steps in crime scene investigation?

The first and most important step in any crime scene investigation is to secure the scene. It sounds easier than it really is. The scene includes possible witnesses, victims a (MORE)

As a crime scene investigator where can you work?

  Answer   Law enforcement agencies at local, state and federal levels are the usual employers of CSI. Some investigative services of the army forces as well as some (MORE)

What is the jurisdiction of a crime scene investigator?

Interesting question. Their skill goes with them wherever they go. However, if the CSI is a sworn law enforcement officer their authority to investigate and arrest only encomp (MORE)

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How do you become a Crime Scene Investigator?

For the majority of forensic investigation methods, a strong background in science is important. There are several different forensic fields, and most require specialisation b (MORE)

What are the risks of becoming a crime scene investigator?

No more so than the usual risk of working around hazardous substances and materials, or the possibility of being exposed to working in (what most people would call) VERY unple (MORE)

What is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators?

A criminal always leaves DNA in the crime scene, and recovering  evidence such as fingerprints and DNA is the most interesting thing  about crime scenes and crime scene inve (MORE)

What are facts about Crime Scene Investigators?

  Well, something that might be useful is that CSI's get paid a higher salary if they own a Master's degree. To become a CSI you need either an Associate's Degree or a Bac (MORE)