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Has Donald Trump been divorced?

Trump has had three marriages, the first two ending in divorce,   He divorced his first wife, former  Czech model  Ivana Zelníčková in 1991. At the time he was wide (MORE)

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Why is Donald Trump running for president?

Donald J. Trump is a business man. He is running for presidentbecause he says that change is what America needs to become "GreatAgain". He is running against Hillary R. Clinto (MORE)

How did Donald Trump make his money?

His family was wealthy, his father operating Elizabeth Trump and  Son, a rental housing company. Even before he graduated from  college in 1968 , he began working with his f (MORE)

Does Donald Trump have Asperger's Syndrome?

It also occurred to me that Mr. Trump falls somewhere on the autismspectrum. When one reads the symptoms in adults (lack of empathy,great attention to detail, tactile hypersen (MORE)

Is Donald trump of Greek decent?

No, his mother's family is from the Hebrides Islands in northern  Scotland. And as Jponbac Gunna rightly pointed out, his father's  family hails from Germany.
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Is Donald Trump a racist?

This question is going to elicit several responses depending uponyour particular viewpoint, definition of racism and source of news.Here are a few: No he is just trying to gi (MORE)

Is Google owned by Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire and he is a very famous and  rich man. Currently he is running for the Position for President.  Google was founded by  Larry Page and Se (MORE)

Why is Donald trump so bad?

He's not bad, he just scrutinizes people in public so he can get a  better chance of winning the presidential race. We also saw this  strategy with Ben Carson and occasional (MORE)

Does Donald Trump have any siblings?

He had four siblings. Maryanne, Elizabeth, Robert and Fred. Fred died in 1981.
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