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How do you patch drywall?

You can buy drywall compound already mixed. If you don't have one,  buy two putty knives (they're cheap) one small and one larger (for  larger jobs.) If there are small hole (MORE)

How do you drywall texture?

There are different ways. You can buy bags of different texture mixes, mainly for ceilings, but there's no reason you can't put them on walls too if you wish. You can also cut (MORE)

What is a drywall taper?

A drywall taper is the person who comes in after the drywall (plasterboard ) is hung and puts mud (spackling) on the joints and then seals the joints with a line of paper tape (MORE)

How do you get oil out of drywall?

you dont..... you can by a paint product such as " Zinser " or " Kilz" to spray to block it from coming through your drywall. it comes in a spraybomb or gallon.
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What Is A Drywall Nail?

Drywall nails have grooves near the head so that the nail better hold the drywall in place - without the grooves, the head of the nail could possible pop through the drywall.
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How do you finish drywall?

you join tape to the wall with joint cement, then cover the joint with joint compound (mud) . once it drys, apply another coat of mud. once this drys apply a final skim coat o (MORE)

Can drywall hurt you?

Yes, if you are eating it, you should talk to your doctor about PICA. It can cause intestinal blockages. There is also the obvious stuff...drop it on your foot, falling on you (MORE)