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What is drywall?

Drywall is a centre core of calcium sulfate dihydrate sandwiched between two thick layers of special paper. In manufacture, liquid mud is poured onto the lower sheet as it rol (MORE)

What is in drywall?

The board is composed of a layer of gypsum rock sandwichedbetween two layers of special paper. You must translate this is Finnish langvitsh: . Levyt valmistetaan joko luonnon (MORE)

Components of drywall?

Drywall hammer, tape measure, drywall rasp, metal cutters (straight cut), pencil (never use a pen), razor knife, pipehole knocker (preferably copper pipe), chalkline, T-square (MORE)
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What minerals are in drywall?

Mainly calcium sulphate dihydrate. There may be a few other minerals in very small quantities in specialised boards for fireproofing or mildew control..

What are drywall applicators?

You would apply the mud with a putty knife. ANS 2 -On the first application, mud is applied and spread smooth with an 8 or 12 inch metal spreader. The idea is to fill ever (MORE)

What rhymes with drywall?

I can't think of any words, but these combo of words could help; Why fall High Ball Just off the top of my head...also check out and look for rhymes for 'dry' (MORE)

Can drywall hurt you?

Yes, if you are eating it, you should talk to your doctor about PICA. It can cause intestinal blockages. There is also the obvious stuff...drop it on your foot, falling on you (MORE)

What is a drywall taper?

A drywall taper is the person who comes in after the drywall (plasterboard ) is hung and puts mud (spackling) on the joints and then seals the joints with a line of paper tape (MORE)