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When is Easter?

Easter occurs on different dates each year. It is always on aSunday, though. The time when Easter is celebrated differs becauseit has to do with that specific year. You have t ( Full Answer )
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What is Easter?

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ from the dead. Even before theologians explained the death of Jesus in terms ( Full Answer )
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What is a Easter?

Easter is the holiday of spring when the Easter bunny leaves plastic eggs full of money or candy . If the Easter Bunny really even exists , we don't know. what we all here is ( Full Answer )
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What is Easter for?

Jesus died on Good Friday and, three days later, on Easter Sunday, he rose from his grave.
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Why do we have Easter?

On good Friday, Jesus was crusified and put on the cross, on Easter Sunday we celebrate the anniverary of when Jesus came back to life. The reason that we have Easter eggs ( Full Answer )
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What do you do on Easter?

I am so glad that you asked! Easter is such a fun time! What you do is like a day before Easter you fill up plastic eggs with candy, and then over night, your parents hide the ( Full Answer )
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Why do you Easter?

We celebrate Easter because it's the day Jessus rose from the dead. ( Please don't ask why Easter is on different days now... no one really knows why)
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Who is Easter?

Easter was this magical man with special powers that can hide eggs in unknown venues. R u sure cause I think it's when Jesus came back to live. すべきか å· ( Full Answer )
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Why do they have Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival which commemorates the death of Christ, who became the ultimate atonement sacrifice so that we might have eternal life after death. The triumph ( Full Answer )
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What to do after Easter?

what you should do after Easter is to eat some your leftover food from Easter but make sure you share though if you eat it all you could get sick or have a bad cough like i al ( Full Answer )