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In what movies has Eddie Murphy appeared?

Shrek 2, The Haunted Mansion, Daddy Day Care, I Spy, The Adventures of Pluto Nash,Showtime, Dr. Dolittle 2, Shrek, The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Bowfinger,Life,Holy Man, (MORE)

What movies did Eddie Murphy play in?

Eddie Murphy Raw Beverly Hills Cop Best Defense Coming to America Another 48 Hrs. Boomerang The Distinguished Gentleman Vampire in Brooklyn The Nutty Professor Metro Mulan Doc (MORE)

In which films has Eddie Murphy been in?

These are the Films he has been in; 48 Hrs Trading Places Eddie Murphy Delirious Best Defense Beverly Hills Cop The Golden Child Beverly Hills Cop 2 Eddie Murphy Raw C (MORE)

Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor?

you cant compare Eddie to Richard Pryor....Rychard is a legend...the one of the best in stand up comedy (like Bill Cosby) and the 70's,when a black man wasn't ver (MORE)

What was Eddie Murphys first film?

Believe it or not, Eddie Murphy's first film role was Reggie Hammond in 48 Hrs.(1982) From there he went on to make Trading Places (1983) where he played Billy Ray Valentine. (MORE)

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