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Where is Dunedin and Edinburgh?

Dunedin is located in the region of Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand, and also in Florida, USA, and in Ontario Canada. The word Dunedin comes from the Gaelic name for (MORE)

Edinburgh of the south?

That would be Dunedin New Zealand. [For there are some other Dunedin's round the world!.] The surveyors for this organized settlement first cast their eyes round the Banks Pen (MORE)

Why is Edinburgh called Edinburgh?

The name comes from King Edwin of Northumbria who established a fort called Edwin's Fort, (or Din Eidyn in gaelic) where Edinburgh Castle now stands. It was later renamed Edwi (MORE)

Location of Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is in Lothian, in the south east of Scotland, on the south bank of the Forth Estury opposite Fife.

Is there a primark in Edinburgh?

Primark have purchased the store space on Edinburgh's Princes Street and it has been surrounded with cladding for at least 6 months, but the current release from the company i (MORE)

Where can you bbq in Edinburgh?

The main area of public open space is 'The Meadows', just to the south of the city centre about 15 minutes walk from the train station and Princes Street. You can have BBQs he (MORE)

What WAS Edinburgh famous for?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, home of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, Forth Bridge, Holyrood Palace, Royal Mile, Princess Street Gardens, Ar (MORE)