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What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the insertion of chemicals into the body with either an IV or a syringe to put an animal or human being out of their misery due to pain, disease, or a life threa (MORE)
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Why not euthanasia?

It is a moral concept. Is it right for doctors to play God and decide who lives and dies and when? The doctors aren't playing god, the person is already dieing. Some people (MORE)
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What does euthanasia do?

Humans It more-or-less painlessly ends the life of someone who is either terminally ill or in chronic pain or debility. In its modern form, it is sometimes termed "death wit (MORE)
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Euthanasia why is it done?

Ostensibly Euthanasia's is carried out to put to an end the life of a person that no longer wishes to live. it usually refers to instances where the person to be Euthanized is (MORE)
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Who is affected by Euthanasia?

patient, family, friends and colleagues but it is debatable in what way. Many may be relieved to know a loved one was put out of misery, others may feel it was unjustified. H (MORE)
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Do you favor in euthanasia why?

Of course. It does not hurt the animal and it allows you to kill him. If we did not have this technology, then the doctors would probably shoot the animal, because that is rea (MORE)
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Where can you get euthanasia?

Switzerland has clinics especially designed for this. You pay them they record you say you want to die of your own free will. Then you drink a deadly cocktail of chemicals whi (MORE)
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Who can have euthanasia?

All those who have a terminal illness, or as they are calling them 'Chronic illness',who's mental health will be greatly improved and those who can get to Switzerland it is il (MORE)
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Are you with euthanasia?

Yes when the person's death is irreversible. I wouldn't like to suffer for nothing, it's inhuman and not worth it.