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Which fishes can live with archer fish?

many fishes like some peaceful cichlids like rams, angels can live  with archers since they are a asian species so i would advice to  keep asian fishes only but you can do r (MORE)
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Can fish talk to other fishes?

They don't actually talk to each other the way humans do, but they use actions and certain types of performances to communicate with one another. For example, when fish lock j (MORE)
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What is a fish?

A fish is a living animal that retains oxygen from water and is  born with fins to swim with. There are many varieties of fish so  this answer is only the most basic informa (MORE)
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Are puffer fish a fish or an echinoderm?

Very definitely a fish! An echinoderm is a creature like the sea urchin; i.e. an invertabrate with a hard, spiny exoskeleton, or like the sea cumcumber; i.e. a slow-growing in (MORE)
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Why are star fish called fish if they are not fish?

Starfish are actually a member of a family called 'echinoderms'. All echinoderms are aquatic creatures and the starfish was probably incorrectly described as a fish when it wa (MORE)
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Why is the plural of fish still ''fish'' and not ''fishes''?

Both "fish," and "fishes," are correct plural forms of the singular  word "fish."    The singular noun fish is a word for a single creature or a  substance used as food (MORE)
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Is there a fish called salt fish?

salt fish are just dried, salted fish often used in Caribbean cooking. They usually use cod, although sometimes it is mackerel. these are available in pieces in Caribbean, Ita (MORE)
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Do fish need another fish with them?

It depends on what the fish is. Danios, tetras, glofish, and catfish are schooling fish which means you need at least three of them or most likely they will end up dying. Moll (MORE)