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What was the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was a decade of social conflict and political upheaval in France. The aristocratic ancien régime was effectively overthrown, along with the new bourgeoi (MORE)

How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was unlike the American one in many ways. In  France the revolutionaries behaved like terrorists and even people  friendly to the cause were executed. (MORE)

What did the French achieve from the French revolution?

The French Revolution allowed for the debut of the modern French consciousness, the idea of universal human dignity and liberty in Europe. This changed the mental landscape qu (MORE)

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Who was in the French Revolution?

There were hundreds of political and military figures involved, but  the most famous names are those of Lafayette and Robbespierre,  Mirabeau, Jean Paul Marat and duke Phili (MORE)

How did the French Revolution differ from the American Revolution?

The French Revolution differed from the American Revolution in  numerous ways; however, one of the most important differences is  that it suffered from greater bloodshed and (MORE)