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Why do we have gravity?

We have gravity so that we can walk on Earth. If we didn't have any gravity we would have been floating on Earth. Gravity pulls us towards Earth. and if there was no gravity w (MORE)
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What if there was no gravity?

Quick and simple answer, due to a lack of force holding objectslike planets, stars, and galaxies together, most of the structuresin the universe would fling apart due to the p (MORE)
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What if you did not have gravity?

Gravity holds almost everything together; the planets, our solar system, essentially everything 'big' in our universe. For Earth, if gravity was suddenly 'switched off', the (MORE)
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Where is there no gravity?

Since gravity has a theoretically infinite reach, its influence is felt, even minimally, everywhere. Microgravity occurs in such places, where there is not quite enough force (MORE)
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What has gravity?

Everything with mass.Gravity is also the invisible force that keeps all things, cars and kids included, from flying up into outer space
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What is the gravity of the?

the force of attraction between any two masses is called force of gravity the gravity of the _____ is approximately ____ .
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Why do they have gravity?

Imagine a table cloth held on by each corner above the ground. Thisis the universe. Put an apple on it. This is a planet. The applemakes a dent. This is gravity. Put grapes on (MORE)
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Why is there no gravity?

Gravity is invisible. Imagine a table cloth held on by each cornerabove the ground. This is the universe. Put an apple on it. This is a planet.The apple makes a dent. This is (MORE)