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How did gravity evolve?

Gravity was the first force to split from the other three fundamental universal forces (these being the electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces) during the ear (MORE)

Who found out about gravity?

Answer: Issac newton found out about gravity during the early 16th century. But modern work in gravitational theory began with the work of Galileo Galilei during the late 16th (MORE)

Who invent gravity?

Gravity wasn't invented. It is a force of nature and has always existed. As for its discovery it was known to the early humans that things tend to fall down. As for theories (MORE)
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What is the gravity of water?

The specific gravity for water is 1.  However, when the temperature of water increases, the gravity  gradually lowers. At 0°C (32°F), gravity is 1. At 100°C (212°F),  t (MORE)
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What is a gravity wagon?

a wagon that you use to haul grain, that has a sloped wall on one side. The grain can be emptied by gravity by opening a side door.
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What influences gravity?

Only the mass of the two objects and the distance between them. That's all.   Gravitational attraction in newtons  F = G m‰âÅm‰ââ/rå_  G = 6.67e-11 må_/kgså_  (MORE)
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Where the gravity is zero?

do you mean where is zero gravity? if so it is all in space and sometimes at science places such as a lab where scientist study zero gravity. to me that stuff is awesome you (MORE)
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What if earth had no gravity?

If Earth suddenly lost its gravitational pull, all of the material  making up the planet would be flung off into space. The debris  would still orbit the sun, because it wou (MORE)
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Is God Gravity?

Theists have always held that God was responsible for the creation of the universe. Stephen Hawkin now says that gravity was responsible for the "Big Bang" and therefore the c (MORE)
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What if gravity reversed?

We would be in really big trouble. Celestial bodies such as the Sun, but also the Earth and Moon are kept intact due to gravity. If gravity would reverse, that is, if matter s (MORE)