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What is gravity?

Answer #1: Think of a container containing a gas. If you apply pressure tothat container the gas atoms will repel each other. The morepressure the more they repel. If you a ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have gravity?

We have gravity so that we can walk on Earth. If we didn't have any gravity we would have been floating on Earth. Gravity pulls us towards Earth. and if there was no gravity w ( Full Answer )
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Why is there gravity?

There is gravity to hold us on earth and not to send us up intospace where we cannot breathe.
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How do you get gravity?

You don't "get" gravity. Gravity is the force that Earth is using to pull you inwards, and it is already there.
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What does gravity do?

Pulls things to the ground. Drop an apple two yards above your head. Observe how you feel. The apple hit you pretty hard didn't it?! That's gravity. In space the apple would j ( Full Answer )
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What if there is no gravity?

If gravity were somehow "turned off," all planets and stars would explode outwards due to high pressure within their cores. There would be no attraction between masses, and so ( Full Answer )
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What did he do with the gravity?

Gravity is the resulting force created, as infinitely smaller and smaller masses orbit larger masses in space, which allows matter to become compacted into smaller and more de ( Full Answer )
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What can gravity do?

In fact there is no gravity in this world there is only the air pressure that controls and hold the objects in this world.I can prove this
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What is the gravity of the?

the force of attraction between any two masses is called force of gravity the gravity of the _____ is approximately ____ .
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Why do they have gravity?

Imagine a table cloth held on by each corner above the ground. Thisis the universe. Put an apple on it. This is a planet. The applemakes a dent. This is gravity. Put grapes on ( Full Answer )