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Who found out gravity?

Gravity is a term coined by Sir Isaac Newton. Newton discovered Gravity. He noticed this phenomena in the world famous story when an Apple fell down from a tree under which (MORE)
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Is there no gravity in space or little gravity?

This depends upon what you mean by space. If you mean hard vacuum, the answer depends on the location of the nearest mass. Gravity is a property of matter. All mass exerts a (MORE)
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Gravity is measured in?

The force of the gravitational field can be expressed in meters/second 2 - the acceleration given to an object in free fall. It can also be expressed in the equivalent newton (MORE)
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What is gravity dam?

A gravity dam is a solid structure, made of concrete or masonry, constructed across a river to create a reservoir on its upstream. The section of the gravity dam is approxim (MORE)
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Who invented gravity?

no one invented gravity, its always been here , it was discovered not invented. Newton was credited with discovering gravity
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What if there was no gravity?

Quick and simple answer, due to a lack of force holding objects  like planets, stars, and galaxies together, most of the structures  in the universe would fling apart due to (MORE)
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Why the gravity exist?

Gravity exists because the Earth has mass. If the Earth was  massless, gravity would not exist and people would freely float  away into space. Acceleration due to gravity is (MORE)
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What is gravity inducer?

Gravity is induced by energy. Generally if an object has energy it attracts other objects. According to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity objects with energy bend spacet (MORE)
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How do you oppose gravity?

You can't shut gravity off or insulate yourself against it, so the  only way to fight it   is to use a force in the opposite direction that's greater than the  force of (MORE)

Can you amplify gravity?

No, you cannot amplify gravity. It is a function of mass, and a certain mass exerts a certain gravity at a certain distance from the center of mass. To increase gravity, you n (MORE)