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Where is heroin from?

Heroin comes from the opium poppy. the majority of it comes from the middle east where poppy production is very large. THey wait fo the poppy seed pop to ripen, then they walk (MORE)
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Why is heroin called heroin?

Bayer named the substance "heroin," probably from the word heroisch, German for heroic, because in field studies people using the medicine felt "heroic." Heroin's actual name (MORE)
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Is heroin a narcotic?

Yes indeed it is. Heroin [diacetyl morphine] is a partially synthetic opiate compound produced when acetyl molecules are are bonded to morphine [morphine sulfate] molecules. M (MORE)
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How do you get heroin out?

You have to metabolize it, it will take a few hours but it will go away. You may feel depressed or slow for a day or two after you do heroin. You can also have Narcan put int (MORE)
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What does heroin do to you?

Take it from addicts, heroin feels so good, and yet is so bad for you. Heroin is in essence a pain killer, and a heroin high is said to feel just like an Oxycontin high. Howev (MORE)
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What does the heroin do?

Heroin is an opiate, some say it produces the most euphoric feeling in the world. Unfortunately most say heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs. It is highly addicting, ver (MORE)

What does heroin do your body?

The effects of heroin use are quite serious. There can be lasting health consequences - and even death - associated with heroin use. Heroin use can cause serious problems even (MORE)
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Can you make heroin?

Yes you can but, it is also illegal, doing so would make you end up in jail for at least more than 20 years.
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What are the alternatives for heroin?

There are a few drugs that are alternatives for heroin such as morphine and codeine, these drugs are in the opiate family. also when detoxing off of heroin people often use su (MORE)