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What does heroin do to you?

Take it from addicts, heroin feels so good, and yet is so bad for you. Heroin is in essence a pain killer, and a heroin high is said to feel just like an Oxycontin high. Howev (MORE)
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What is heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug. It is one of the most dangerousdrugs there are. It's addictive. Don't even try it once.
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What does the heroin do?

Heroin is an opiate, some say it produces the most euphoric feeling in the world. Unfortunately most say heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs. It is highly addicting, ver (MORE)
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Why is heroin called heroin?

Bayer named the substance "heroin," probably from the word heroisch, German for heroic, because in field studies people using the medicine felt "heroic." Heroin's actual name (MORE)
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How do you get heroin into you?

There are four main ways to get heroin into your body: IV, Smoke, Snort, Rectal If you're from The United States of America, depending on your location, east or west coast. (MORE)
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Where is heroin from?

Heroin comes from the opium poppy. the majority of it comes from the middle east where poppy production is very large. THey wait fo the poppy seed pop to ripen, then they walk (MORE)
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What does heroin have in it?

Heroin often contains things besides just heroin (diacetyl morphine). It can be cut with multiple substances like lactose, quinine or vitamin B12. Because of the antiquated pr (MORE)

Can you look at heroin and know it is heroin?

It depends on the type of heroin. If it is the black sticky tar substance, you might think it is tar. The powdery white substance can also be confused with powdered sugar whic (MORE)
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How do you get heroin out?

You have to metabolize it, it will take a few hours but it will go away. You may feel depressed or slow for a day or two after you do heroin. You can also have Narcan put int (MORE)

What heroin does to you?

Well personally it makes me feel like i just had an orgasm and last for several hours. i emphasize hours. it makes you have a general yet not over bearing numbness all over (MORE)