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Why did the Indus valley civilization disappear?

there are three possibilities: 1. a layer of ash was found at one of the sites this indicates large scale burning of fire 2. there was a skeleton in another site this indicat (MORE)

What are the differences between Egyptian civilization and Indus Valley Civilization?

Egyptian Civilization | Indus Valley Civilization / 1. According to conventional Egyptian sources the civilization came in to existence around 150 B.C. | Indus valley ci (MORE)

What is the Indus Valley civilization?

The Indus Valley Civilization was a civilization during the Bronze  Age. It reached from Pakistan and Afghanistan to India. It was one  of the earliest civilizations in the (MORE)

Short note on Indus valley civilization?

The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) was a Bronze Age civilization (3300-1300 BCE; mature period 2600-1900 BCE) that was located in the northwestern region[1] of the Indian Sub (MORE)

What is one conclusion about the Indus Valley Civilization?

The Indus Valley is one of the world's earliest urban civilizations, along with its contemporaries Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. At its peak, the Indus Civilization may h (MORE)
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When was indus valley civilization discovered?

The ruins of Harappa, the first discovered portion of the Indus  Valley civilization, was described initially by Charles Masson in  1842. The main of Indus Valley was discov (MORE)