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Is turkey jerky healthy?

it is healthier than beef jerky but has alot of preservatives in it which some sources think are not healthy. moderation is the key.
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How do you make beef jerky?

first you need some fresh pig meat, get the pig meat and slice it into this slices not to this but thin enough, when your done marinade the meat with whatever you like i use, (MORE)

Why is there Jerky steering 1984 Corvette?

The intermediate steering shafts in 1984 Corvettes are notorious for wearing out and causing slippage as you make turns. The shaft is constructed of two pieces mated together (MORE)

Can you rehydrate jerky?

  You can rehydrate jerky to restore some of the meat's original texture for your dish. Treat the jerky as you would dried mushrooms. Soak it in a liquid-water, broth, or (MORE)

Who invented jerky?

Beef jerky is thought to have originated in South America during the 1800s. The Quechua tribe, who were ancestors of the ancient Inca empire, produced a meat similar to beef j (MORE)

What is jerky cure?

Jerky Cure is something you use to season and prepare meat for drying to make jerky.
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What is fruit jerky?

It is fruit that's been pureed, sometimes mixed with sugar and then spread out very thinly. It's allowed to dry and becomes a chew snack that has the consistency of Gummy Bear (MORE)