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What are facts about Johann Sebastian Bach?

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Two of my favorite Bach facts: -He wrote a whole cantata about coffee, he loved it so much -One day when he criticized his bassoonists during a rehearsal (MORE)

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Where did Johann Sebastian Bach learn how to play music?

Johann Sebastian Bach learnt how to play the organ, harpsichord and violin from his father and uncles, who were famous musicians. His father was Johann Ambrosius Bach, and his (MORE)

Was Johann Sebastian Bach rich?

  J.S. Bach was very poor during his lifetime. Thanks to the hard work of his loving wide, Anna Magdalena, his works were preserved until Mendelsohn happened upon them. Ov (MORE)

What did Johann Sebastian Bach write at the beginning of his compositions?

Many (if not all) of Bach's compositions were prefaced by a statement reflecting his devotion to the God in whom he invested faith. I don't know the German text, but a compar (MORE)