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Is the Baptist church named after John the Baptist?

No. Both Baptists and Anabaptists have their names deriving from the idea that they would "re-baptize" people. By 1500's it had become normative to practice the Christian rite (MORE)

How long was John the Baptist a Baptist?

Actually, to avoid confusion, it might be better to call him "John the Baptizer." Even though "John the Baptist" is a correct term, it can confuse people who are familiar with (MORE)

What is the Baptist connection to John the Baptist?

No connection really, although some Baptist Christians have sought to see a connection. Baptists, as a recognized entity, go back to the early 1600s. They often describe thems (MORE)

Does the Baptist denomination come from John the Baptist?

----------------------- The first known Baptist congregation was formed in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1608. As they saw it, it was important to reconstitute and not just reform th (MORE)

What did John the Baptist do?

baptised the people with water in the river of Jordan foretold the story of Jesus baptised Jesus in the river of Jordan was beheaded for telling the truth
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Who was John the Baptist?

Another answer from our community:   John the Baptist was a man in the Bible who preached of the coming  of Jesus. He was the man to baptize Jesus in the River Jordan, as (MORE)

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