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How did Johnny Carson die?

Famous TV host and comedian, Johnny Carson, died in Los Angeles on January 23, 2005 of respiratory failure from emphysema. He was 79 years old. In 1999 he suffered a heart att (MORE)

What were the name of Johnny Carsons characters?

  Johnny Carson's Characters were:   Art Fern, the "Tea Time Movie" Announcer Carnac the Magnificent, A Psychic   Floyd R. Turbo American, A Rightwing Extremist (MORE)

What religion was Johnny Carson?

Johnny Carson was an atheist. He was on of the largest donors to the James Randi educational foundation. This is an organization of atheists that try to promote critical think (MORE)

Was Johnny Carson Jewish?

I can't find the answer to this exactly, but I saw a quote he said about his produced giving him the best gift for Christmas. It could have been sarcasm, but it's possibly he (MORE)

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Did Johnny Carson have kids?

Yes. The great late-night television host (1925-2005) had three  sons from his marriage to first wife Jody Wolcott: Christoper,  Richard and Cory. Richard, known as Rick, wa (MORE)