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Why was Johnny Carson mad at Joan Rivers?

because johnny got her started as a comedian on nbc,,,and she had a show of her own after the tonight show,,,but she left to go to fox for a job without consulting johnny,,,,s (MORE)

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What religion was Johnny Carson?

Johnny Carson was an atheist. He was on of the largest donors to the James Randi educational foundation. This is an organization of atheists that try to promote critical think (MORE)

Was the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson live on air or taped earlier in the day and shown in the evening as it is today?

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (1962-92) was taped earlier in the evening. Steve Allen (1954-57), Jack Parr (1957-62) were broadcast live until 1959 when video taping beg (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Johnny Carson Show - 1955?

The cast of The Johnny Carson Show - 1955 includes: Jack Albertson as himself James Arness as himself Johnny Carson as himself Lane Chandler Jill Corey as Wife Jamie Farr as H (MORE)