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What did Julius Caesar diScover?

Julius Caesar was not known as an explorer. He only went places that were known and scouted out. About the only thing he discovered was that he was going bald.
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Cleopatra son by Julius Caesar?

Yes, she did. They fell in love after she snuck into his office through a rolled-up carpet she had delivered to him as a gift. Her intentions were to talk to him about the fut (MORE)

What was Julius Caesar?

Some of the official titles he held were: Pontifex Maximus High priest of Jupiter Quaestor Military Tribune Consul He had won a civic crown (2nd highest military honour) Gove (MORE)

Was Julius Caesar a Christian?

No, Julius Caesar was not a Christian. Christianity was started by  Jesus who was born at least 44 years after Caesar lived.
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What did Julius Caesar eat?

what did he eat daily?     Julius, like other Romans of his time, ate pretty much what we eat today. Porridge, bread, omelettes, stews, roasts etc. You will read about (MORE)

What language did Julius Caesar speak?

The language of Ancient Rome was Latin, however educated Romans spoke Greek, so amongst the patricians, Caesar would have spoken Greek. In fact, when he died, he is believed n (MORE)

Why Julius Caesar and Cleopatra had a child?

It is because Cleopatra was trying to make herself queen of Egypt by getting help from Caesar. Caesar did not know if he should trust her. With the birth of their child Caesar (MORE)

What is julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar is a man who was in the First Triumvirate of Rome. He also was the first dictator of Rome. A correction here. Julius Caesar was not the first dictator of Rome. T (MORE)