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Why is a kiwifruit hairy?

Kiwi fruits are hairy to keep the outside of the fruit good, while the inside is being developed. It helps protect insects from eating the inside because the hairs will stick (MORE)

How is the taste of kiwifruit?

  Hi   The fruit should be eaten after peeling the skin. It has green to brown colour flesh with dark colour seeds the size of small mustard seeds. It is sweet with ver (MORE)

What are What are facts about the kiwifruit?

The kiwi fruit is the berry of the cultivar group of the woody vine Actinidia deliciosa. Sometimes known as the Chinese gooseberry, the kiwi is about the size of a hens egg? I (MORE)

Why are kiwifruit called kiwifruit?

The name is taken from the kiwi birds native to New Zealand, one of the places where kiwifruit are grown. The name also suggests an appearance similar to those birds. The othe (MORE)

Why does kiwifruit have hair?

Control of fruit water loss: In the same way that clothing helps to retain body heat by holding a layer of warm, still air close to your skin, so the 3 mm thick hair layer on (MORE)

What is a kiwifruit?

A fruit that has a fuzzy brown exterior and a green interior that taste very sweet. It is also full of vitamin C. reliable source (MORE)

Where did the kiwifruit get its name?

The kiwifruit was originally called a Chinese gooseberry, which was  considered to be an unattractive name. In the 1960s a New Zealand  grower came up with the idea of marke (MORE)

How good is kiwifruit?

To learn about the goodness of kiwi,read the following benefits: 1.good in many vitamins, 2.the high content in dietary fiber helps improving disease such as diabets, control (MORE)