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Why are kiwifruit called kiwifruit?

The name is taken from the kiwi birds native to New Zealand, one of the places where kiwifruit are grown. The name also suggests an appearance similar to those birds. The othe (MORE)

What is a kiwifruit?

A fruit that has a fuzzy brown exterior and a green interior that taste very sweet. It is also full of vitamin C. reliable source (MORE)

How do you eat kiwifruit?

  Cut the kiwi fruit in half and spoon the fruit into mouth with a spoon. Kiwi fruit is eaten plain, as a desert, fruit juice or salad. It is rarely heated.

How do you serve kiwifruit?

Some serving ideas:     Eat kiwifruit as is  Add whole kiwifruits, skin and all, to smoothies  Toss kiwifruit into green salads  Serve sliced kiwifruit and strawbe (MORE)

How can you eat kiwifruit?

You can peel and slice it, then eat it in a fruit salad. It can be eaten by itself. You can cut it in half and use a mini spoon to scoop out the fruit.
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Where does the kiwifruit traditionally from?

somewhere/ The Kiwi fruit was a name given to the Chinese gooseberry that originally came from China. The plant brought to New Zealand was then cultivated, improved and grown (MORE)

Does kiwifruit have citrus?

No. Kiwifruit are vine fruit. they are not related to citrus, which grow on trees.
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How good is kiwifruit?

To learn about the goodness of kiwi,read the following benefits: 1.good in many vitamins, 2.the high content in dietary fiber helps improving disease such as diabets, control (MORE)

Is kiwifruit canned?

Kiwi can be canned as part of a jam. There is a recipe for  strawberry-kiwi jam at the National Center for Home Food  Preservation (NCHFP) website.
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