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Who owns Kmart?

Answer   Kmart is owned by the Sears Holdings Corporation, which like any corporation, is owned by shareholders.       A CEO on day took over both kmart and (MORE)

Who is is the founder of Kmart?

Harry Cunningham founded kmart in 1962. In the related links box below I posted the wikipedia article on Harry Cunningham. By all rights, it should be Sebastian S. Kresge sinc (MORE)

When do you get your uniform for kmart?

Uniform as in, you're WORKING at K-mart? Or are you buying your school uniform from there? Because either way, uniforms are not seasonal. They are available all year round! Th (MORE)

Where is Kmart in Stamford?

There is no Kmart department store in Stamford, CT. however due to the takeover of Sears, there is a Sears appliance store on High Ridge rd, near teh Merritt Parkway.

Is there a kmart in the UK?

There are 'K-mart's in the UK, however these are small, privately  owned business such as local convenience stores and even Korean  food malls. There are no UK branches of t (MORE)

What is the uniform at kmart?

I am not sure about other parts of the country, but at the store I work at in Idaho it is dark blue shirt, no pockets; and black slacks.
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How can i get job in Kmart?

Just apply online . Answer definatley yes or definatley no to all the questions and you will most likely get an interview time after you finish all the questions. Call to conf (MORE)