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Ticker symbol for Kmart?

The ticker symbol for K-Mart was KM when K-Mart operated as an independent company. Now they are owned by Sears Holdings, which has the ticker symbol of SHLD.
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What is vision mission of Kmart?

  To help the customer by selling him great stuff at a great price. Oh yeah and to make a buck at the same time.
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What is the ticker symbol for Kmart?

Kmart is owned by the Sears Holding Company. It was acquired in March 2005. Sears Holding Corp. trades under the symbol SHLD and is traded on the NASDAQ. The ticker symbol fo (MORE)

How often are Kmart employees paid?

K-mart employee's are paid every two weeks. Either by paper check, direct deposit, or pay card.
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Is Kmart open on holidays?

They are open on Christmas Eve, and usually on Thanksgiving (check with the store). But not Christmas day.
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What is the uniform at kmart?

I am not sure about other parts of the country, but at the store I work at in Idaho it is dark blue shirt, no pockets; and black slacks.
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Do they sell Beyblades at Kmart?

yes, at least in certain ones. Our Kmart sells the beyblades, stadium, launchers, grips, etc.
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How can i get job in Kmart?

Just apply online . Answer definatley yes or definatley no to all the questions and you will most likely get an interview time after you finish all the questions. Call to conf (MORE)

Does Kmart take temporary checks?

Any store has the right to refuse checks if they suspect there  would be too much risk.   Most stores do not take checks from out of town banks.   I would suggest ask (MORE)