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What does the liver do?

it filters out impurities from the body like alcohol and tobacco The liver has over 500 functions Some of the main ones include . The processing of digested food fro (MORE)
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Where is your liver?

The liver is a fairly large organ, normally on the right side ofthe body, just under the diaphragm.
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What is the liver?

The liver is a glandular organ that filters out the blood from poisons created during digestion. It also helps destroy old and tired red blood cells so that they can be recycl (MORE)
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What does a liver do?

the liver does over 500 different jobs. It removes poisons and damaged red blood cells from the bloodstream, it stores nutrients and makes them into vital substances, it break (MORE)
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What does liver do?

The liver does things such as clean your blood by removing toxins such as medicine and alcohol, it produces a substance called bile (stored in the gall bladder just below the (MORE)
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What a liver do?

It produces an enzyme (bile) that is passed along to the gall bladder for storage.
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Why do you have a liver?

To provide you with a topic by which to post a seemingly idiotic question that could have been answered with a third grade science book.
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Where can you get a liver?

You can find a liver in most forms of animal. However if you need a liver that's suitable for a human to use, you need a human liver. (The only way to get a liver transplant i (MORE)
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What has a liver?

really what's has a liver everthing has a liver. like you, animals and all kinds of things
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Why do you have the liver?

Your liver is the second largest organ, and the first largest internal organ. It creates clotting factors for your blood, gets rid of toxins, creates bile for digestion, brea (MORE)