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What is a liverpool?

Liverpool F.C. is a football team located in Liverpool, England.  They currently play in the English Premier League. Historically,  Liverpool have been one of the most succe (MORE)

When did Liverpool start playing Football and when did Liverpools Seven Gerrard start playing in Liverpool.?

Liverpool were established in 1892. Steven Gerrard signed with Liverpool on 5 November 1997 and his first-team debut was on 29 November 1998, as a substitute against the Black (MORE)

Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded (MORE)

What Is Liverpool Famous For?

Liverpool, England is famous for being the home town of the Beatles.. Liverpool is known for several things... it was once the centre of the Slave Trdae and is currently the (MORE)

What did they do to the Titanic in Liverpool?

the company that made the titanic white star line was from Liverpool and so was the captain of the ship To original poster: Actually the Captain was not from Liverpool, he liv (MORE)