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What are the contribution of Louis Pasteur in science?

Pasteur's ride to fame started when he solved the mystery of why some grape juice fermented to wine, and some, even of the same variety, fermented to vinegar. He later discove (MORE)

What did Louis Pasteur study?

It was his study of how to find the antidote for rabies. Louis Pasteur's fields of study were: He was a chemist and microbiologist.Further information:Pasteur is regarded as (MORE)

What were Louis Pasteur interest?

He had an interest with chemistry, biology and he liked painting.  (I hope this helps you)
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What did Louis Pasteur contribute to science?

Pasteur founded the science of microbiology.   He is well known for the preventing and treatment of diseases as  well for a process so milk and wine would not get the peo (MORE)

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Did Louis Pasteur get married?

Yes, he got married to Marie Laurent and had five children but only two survived.
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Was Louis Pasteur rich or poor?

Louis Pasteur was born into a poor family in France. However, he later made landmark discoveries (driven by his loss of three of five children to typhoid) like the first vacci (MORE)