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Contribution of Louis Pasteur in biology?

Known as the founder of microbiology, Pasteur discovered the role of bacteria in fermentation. His experiments with bacteria conclusively disproved the theory of spontaneous g (MORE)

When was penicillin made by Louis Pasteur?

No, It was discovered by Alexander Fleming but he gave up as he couldn't store it. 10 years later in 1944 Ernest Chain and Howard Florey tried it on humans & it worked, just i (MORE)

What did Louis Pasteur do at work?

Louis Pasteur was a world renowned French chemist and biologist. He was born on December 27 1822 in the town of Dole in Eastern France. Pasteur's parents were peasants, his fa (MORE)

Why is Louis Pasteur famous?

Louis Pasteur was a French biochemist who, among other things,  discovered pasteurization of milk and made contributions to the  Germ Theory. He was trained as a chemist but (MORE)

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