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When was Ludwig van Beethoven born?

Ludwig van Beethoven's date of birth is listed as 16 December 1770. Whether or not he was actually born on that day is unknown. Beethoven was baptised on 17 December 1770. I (MORE)

What was the style of Ludwig van Beethoven?

Beethoven bridged the Classical and Romantic Periods of music. The latter period involved less emphasis on strict rules and more on pure emotion. Beethoven's style, particular (MORE)

How did Ludwig Van Beethoven die?

Some scholars claim Beethoven's death was due, in part, to lead poisoning. Beethoven died at age 56. Tests have recently confirmed that Beethoven died as a result of lead poi (MORE)

What influenced Ludwig van Beethoven?

  Beethoven was always an angry being, (as portrayed in his NO 5) so much of his music was influenced by emotion. it is said that he fell in love so it could possibly be t (MORE)

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