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What are magnesium turnings?

According to the chemist I spoke to at Flinn supply company, a magnesium turning is a small, thin, curled piece of magnesium, like you would get if you were shaving small stri (MORE)

Is magnesium a solid?

  Magnesium is a solid at room temperature. Magnesium's melting point (the point at which it shifts from a solid state to a liquid state) is 1202°F (650 °C). Magnesium's (MORE)

What are the characteristics of magnesium?

some of the characteristics of magnesium is that it is used in many products that you would not expect, like: Old fashion flash photography Missiles Airplanes Flares (MORE)

How is magnesium obtained?

  Magnesium can be extracted from the minerals Dolomite (CaCO3·MgCO3) and Carnallite (KCl·MgCl2·6H2O), but is most often obtained from seawater
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What is the toxicity of magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the least toxic metals. Because of it's low toxicity, it is often the metal of choice for applicatons that involve human consumption. Most antacids are mag (MORE)

What can magnesium be used for?

Magnesium can be used in many things. It could be used in car tires/wheels, explosions, air planes, and builing. Magnesium is used for airplanes and misssles for battles in an (MORE)

Is magnesium conductive?

magnesium has a charge of +2, meaning that it is ready to receive two more electrons. however when it says conductive there, metal should be able to give out the electrons but (MORE)

Is magnesium a solute?

Magnesium can be a solute depending on the conditions, but it is not always one. In aqueous solutions, magnesium metal is not a solute, but magnesium ions can be. In solids, m (MORE)