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Who was Margaret Thatcher?

MARGARET-THATCHER-was the first British -female-Prime-Minister-during the early eighties-until her retirement in the early nineties,when she was replaced by JOHN MAJOR. She wa (MORE)

What impact did Margaret Thatcher have?

You will get a different answer depending on the answered I would guess. She was either loved or hated - and still is... In truth, she (along with President Reagan) changed (MORE)

What did Margaret Thatcher do wrong?

Through policies such as anti-union legislation, poll tax, selling council houses, privatisation of national industry and massive deconstruction of Britain's social wealth (e. (MORE)

Did Margaret Thatcher have Alzheimer's?

It is very likely that Margaret Thatcher has Alzheimer's. Most people are confused by the term dementia. Dementia is a set of symptoms and is not a disease. To have dementia s (MORE)

Why was Margaret Thatcher important to history?

    Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of Great Britain. She was also a great influence to British politics, serving longer as Prime Minister than a (MORE)

Margaret thatcher out out out speech?

In late 1984 at a press conference, Thatcher was commenting on the 3 proposals that the Irish statesmen had given as possible solutions for the Northern Ireland conflict. She (MORE)

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