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Who is the leader of Martinique?

The head of Martinique is Serge Letchimy. Since 2010, he has beenthe President of the Regional Council of Martinique This island isan overseas region of France, and Serge Letc (MORE)
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Where is martinique?

Martinique is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, and its population is 402,000 (historical population 2008 estimate)
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What plants are in Martinique?

Martinique has a wide variety of plant life. Some of the plantswhich grow there are mangroves, orchids, ferns, and morningglories.
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What Continent is Martinique in?

Martinique is an island.. it isn't on a continent. it's located in the Caribbeans, near South America.
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Who is Martinique McKenzie?

Martinique McKenzie is my Cousen!!!! she is 11 years old and she is sitting beside me reading over my shoulder and laughing!!!
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How is the weather in Martinique?

Martinique temperatures during the daytime average in the mid 80s Fahrenheit year round , according to the World Weather Organization . They vary only a few degrees each mo (MORE)
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Who governs Martinique?

France. Martinique is wholly a part of France. It is a full fledge overseas department with 4 arrondisements, they send 4 deputies to the French Assembly and 2 Senators.
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What can you do in martinique?

you can swim with tamed sting rays and you can feed them.and you can go to the beach too. and the triniday is a fun festival to go to. Its a good place to go for vacation.
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What is the motto of Martinique?

The motto of Martinique is, La collective au service du pays. Thisis a French phrase that means, The community service in thecountry.
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Is Martinique in Hawaii?

La Martinique is a French island in the Carribbean sea. It is not in Hawaii which is in a different ocean.