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Are there moose in Maryland?

currently no, but there have been a few sightings and hopefully one day they will come, they have come down as far as southern Pennsylvania and will probably reach Maryland. h (MORE)

Why is Maryland famous?

Maryland is a state which has seen many firsts. It was the state to  have the first balloon launch, first municipal water company, and  the first post office in the United S (MORE)

Why was Maryland found?

Maryland received it's charter in 1632 from Charles I of England. It was founded by Lord Baltimore, because he had attempted to settle in Virginia and was rejected for being a (MORE)

What is there to do in Maryland?

Go to Baltimore: View the city from The World Trade Center, located on the edge of the Inner Harbor. Head north and climb the Washingtion Moument, the first moument to the Fat (MORE)

Who is the mayor of Maryland?

Maryland is a State, not a city, so it does not have a Mayor, but a Governor. At the moment, this is Martin O' Malley, who is Democrat, and has been in office since January 2 (MORE)

Who was the founder of Maryland?

The Proprietor was Cecil Calvert, the 2nd Lord Baltimore. Maryland's first Governor was his younger brother Leosnard Calvert who brought the first colonists to Maryland in 163 (MORE)

Why was Maryland founded?

Maryland was founded by Cecilius Calvert as a refuge for Catholics who were persecuted in England.
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Why is Maryland called Maryland?

Maryland was named in honour of Henrietta Maria; Mary being a shortened form of Maria - Mary's Land.
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Who discovered Maryland?

  Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore the 1. He died shortly after. Lord Baltimore the 2 then tookover.
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