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Where did Millard Fillmore grow up?

In East Aurora, until 1830, then he settled in Buffalo.
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What is Millard Fillmore well known for?

Millard Fillmore is known for getting California into the union as a free state. He is also known for the Fugitive Slave Act and his efforts to open Japan up to western trade (MORE)

What did Millard Fillmore do to help the US?

Millard Fillmore did five things:  1. Admit California as a free state.   2. Settle the Texas boundary and compensate her.   3. Grant territorial status to New Mexic (MORE)

What problems did Millard Fillmore face?

The biggest problem that Fillmore faced was slavery-- especially  what to do about slavery in the new territories and what to do  about escaped slaves and the people who hel (MORE)

Accomplishments of Millard Fillmore?

Millard Fillmore accomplishments include the Compromise of 1850 and  the admission of California and New Mexico as free states. Fillmore  was the 13th President of the Unite (MORE)

What did Millard Fillmore do after being president?

Millard Fillmore took no new jobs after being president but many  events happened after he left. His wife got pneumonia* and died  only a month after. About a year after tha (MORE)
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What were Millard Fillmore failures?

Millard Fillmore is the 13th President of the United States. His  major failures, according to some historians, are: signing of the  Fugitive Slave Act into Law and by not p (MORE)

What did Millard Fillmore do after they left office?

His wife died soon after he left office. He made a long tour of the  South and Midwest, then went to Europe for over a year. While he  was in Europe, in 1855, he was nominat (MORE)

How old was Millard Fillmore when he was elected?

Millard Fillmore was 48 years old when elected Vice President, and 49 when he was sworn in on March 4, 1869. He was never elected President. He became President on July 9, 1 (MORE)