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What does the word Twin mean in Minnesota Twins?

The word twin stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. That is why the logo of the Twins is the T over the C.
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Where did the Minnesota Twins come from?

    The Washington Senators were moved to Bloomington, Minnesota in 1961 by owner Calvin Griffith. The team was renamed the Twins because of the Twin Cities of Minnea (MORE)

What is the Minnesota Twins longest game?

Not sure, but I did go to a 21 inning game at the Metrodome against the Brewers a few years ago, back in maybe 04 or 05. Sorry wish I had more info.     The longest ga (MORE)

What is the value of a World Series Minnesota Twins ring?

The value of a World Series Minnesota Twins ring varies depending  on who owned the ring originally. Some rings are valued at about  7000 dollars while some are much more ex (MORE)