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What is the name of agriculture in mizoram?

The answer is "JHUMING" . From time immemorial, the traditional method of Paddy cultivation in the hill slopes, commonly known as 'Jhuming' have been practiced in Mizoram t (MORE)
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What is mizoram famous for?

It is famous for its scenery, Its blue mountains, folk tales and for holding a Guinness World Record in 'BAMBOO DANCING'
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When will CBSE publish class x results 2011-2012 in Mizoram?

Mizoram lies in the Guwahati Region of CBSE. CBSE Results are declared every year in the last days of May. (except once when they were declared in first half of june). Thes (MORE)
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How big is mizoram?

Mizoram is a little over eight thousand square miles. It's population is around one million.