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Who created mount Everest in Nepal?

It is thought that the summit of Mount Everest started at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Sea, the motion of the Indian sub continental plate and the urasian continental plat (MORE)

Is Mount Everest a volcano?

Mt. Everest was not formed as a volcano, but is the result ofmovements of the underlying tectonic plates. Mount Everest wascreated by what is called uplift , which resulted w (MORE)

Why was Mount Everest named after George Everest?

George Everest's student, Andrew Waugh, had surveyed and mapped Everest. When he had done so, there were several names by multiple cultures at the time. Some of these names in (MORE)

What is the mass of Mount Everest?

Mount Everest has a volume of approximately 365 cubic miles from sea level to the summit. 365 cubic miles = 1 521 386 372 716.335 7 cubic metres Mass = Density x Volume (MORE)

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Why is Mount Everest not called the Mount Everest?

There are different names used for Mount Everest.    The Western world tend to call it Mount Everest.    The official Nepalese name for Mount Everest  is Sagarm (MORE)