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Who has the longest hitting streak in New York Mets history?

  Moises Alou   Moises Alou has the Mets longest hitting streak, 30 games, from August 31 through September 27 in 2007. Alou was 41 years old during his streak, and i (MORE)

Why do they call the New York Mets?

The name "Mets" was selected for several reasons (all a shortened version of Metropolitans):At the time of expansion, the team's already existing name corporate name was "New (MORE)

Who wore number 30 for the New York Mets?

Pitcher- Dennis Ribant (1965-66), Nolan Ryan (1967-70), Hank Webb (1973, 76), Bob Miller (1973-74), Jackson Todd (1977), Mike Scott (1979-82), Mike Torrez (1983-84), Doug Lint (MORE)