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When were the New York Yankees formed?

The New York Yankees started out as the Baltimore Orioles when the American League was founded in 1901. After two years in Baltimore, the team moved to New York in 1903 and ch (MORE)

Why are the New York Yankees called the 'Yankees'?

The New York Yankees started out in Maryland, where they were called the Baltimore Orioles .* That was their hometown and their official name, for the years 1901-1902. Then t (MORE)

Can a New York Yankee have a mustache?

Yes. The Yankees allow players to have a mustache. The organization  does not want players to have full beards and shoulder length hair.   Currently I believe no facial h (MORE)

Who owns the New York Yankees?

Yankee Global Enterprises LLC owns the New York Yankees. This is a company controlled by the Steinbrenner family. They also own 36% of the YES Network cable channel.
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How did New York Yankees get their name?

The Yankees started out as the Baltimore Orioles. When the Baltimore franchise went bankrupt after 3 years, they then became the Highlanders. They played in a hastily construc (MORE)

Why did the New York Yankees become the New York Yankees?

The Yankees became the Yankees because the British originally called the Colonists Yanks, referring to the Revolutionary War time. The Original name of the now World Famous (MORE)

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