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Did Oscar Wilde have any siblings?

Yes 3 siblings. 1 older brother and 2 younger sisters. Sir William Wilde, Lady Jane Frecesca Wilde and Isola Wilde. But she died at age 8.
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Did Oscar Wilde speak french?

Yes, he was fascinated in French, he even wrote one play in this language, "Salome"
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What is a summary of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde?

This is the story about a prince who had got every thing in his life. He had not seen any sorrow in his life. He helped his people whatever he could. As it happens with ever (MORE)

What does Oscar Wilde think about marriage?

While Oscar Wilde was married, everything you can find that he has said about marriage seems to say that he didn't like it. Here are some quotes from him on it: "The happiness (MORE)

What is the moral of the remarkable rocket by Oscar Wilde?

the remarkable rocket by Oscar Wilde is a very interesting story and for me it contain many principles of life that must be taken on consideration , and one of them is: don't (MORE)

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What is the summray of The model millionaire by Oscar Wilde?

· Take place in London · Hughie Erski: have a charming appearance (his crisp brown hair, his clear-cut profile, and his grey eyes), young, poor, fail in every attempt to m (MORE)

Why is Oscar Wilde so famous?

For many reasons.    First, he wrote novels (The Picture of Dorian Gray)   but also Poetry and plays (The Importance of Being Earnest).   His work made him one (MORE)

Who was Oscar Wilde?

  Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer who lived in London during the Victorian period. He wrote novels, plays, short stories, and poetry. One of his most distinguishing charac (MORE)
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What was Oscar Wilde famous for?

Wilde was a Irish writer and poet. He was one of London's most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. He is also remembered for the tragedy of his imprisonment and his early (MORE)