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When was Osteoporosis discovered?

There were reports of frail bones dating to ancient Egypt, but some of the first analyses were by doctors Astley Cooper in the late 1790's and Jean Lobstein in the early 1800s (MORE)

How do you prevent Osteoporosis?

To prevent osteoporosis you have to eat a healthy diet, get exercie, and dont smoke. Consuming one or two alcoholic drinks per day reduces women's risk of developing brittle (MORE)

Who is at risk for osteoporosis?

There are five major risk factors (and personally, I have ALL of them!): 1) family history of the disease, 2) cigarette smoking, 3) petite/small frame, and 4) Asian or Caucasi (MORE)

What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a common type of metabolic bone disease in which bones become thinner and weaker as a part of aging. If it is left untreated, bones will become extremely fragi (MORE)

What Is Osteoporosis?

Loss of bone density (usually in post menopausal women) causing the bones to become weak. The mineral lost is calcium.
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What does osteoporosis do to your bones?

Osteoporosis weakens the bones, makes them brittle and causes them to fracture/break easily. This is a very painful condition. The stage before osteoporosis is called osteopen (MORE)

What is idiopathic osteoporosis?

Idiopathic osteoporosis is a type of osteoporosis that occurs with no known cause. It is very uncommon. It is seen in children and adults under 50 years old who are healthy, h (MORE)