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What cause osteoporosis?

Well, calcium deficiency is a big factor because calcium help builds up bone strength. One of the biggest causes tho, is lack of exercise because after not using your muscles (MORE)

What is a osteoporosis?

It is the loss of calcium, (bone mass) and thinning of the bones, usually caused by aging and predominantly in women of menopause age & above/

What is the cause of osteoporosis?

Several things. Osteoporosis mostly occurs in women with low Vitamin D level as they get older as well as genetics, and it can also be caused by osteoarthitis which mean infla (MORE)

What are facts about Osteoporosis?

Sugar can actually be detrimental for strong bones and a health factor contributing to Osteoporosis. There's also a list of the vitamins and minerals that can help prevent or (MORE)

Who is at risk for osteoporosis?

There are five major risk factors (and personally, I have ALL of them!): 1) family history of the disease, 2) cigarette smoking, 3) petite/small frame, and 4) Asian or Caucasi (MORE)

What Is Osteoporosis?

Loss of bone density (usually in post menopausal women) causing the bones to become weak. The mineral lost is calcium. a medical condition in which the bones become brittle (MORE)