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Do you say people is or people are?

The correct thing to say is "people are". The word people does not refer to singular except when used for group description. Looking at the word properly shows that it is (MORE)

Why do people dream about other people?

When images of people appear in dreams, they often are symbols used to represent something or someone quite different from what they appear to be. For example, dreaming about (MORE)

Do people like homeless people?

Being around the homeless makes many people very uncomfortable in the same way that a person with Down Syndrom or cerebal palsy. People see the homeless as dirty degenerates. (MORE)

Why are people mean to other people?

  When people are mean to you it could be mean they are jealous or want to feel better about themselves. If your wondering why making people feel bad would help themselves (MORE)

What did of the people by the people and for the people mean?

It means that our Democracy is organized by the people and is operated by the people for the purpose of serving the people. These words are generally used to describe a democr (MORE)
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How can you get on with people?

  if you meen to make them like you ask stuff that they like and say you do to or observe there surroundings like if there is a golf trophy on one of the shelves say somet (MORE)

Why do people pick on Jewish people?

Prejudice and hate come in many forms, for many reasons. For example, I had to delete the previous answer to this question, because it was hateful. People hate what they do (MORE)