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What does philanthropy mean?

it is somrthing you donate money, time, and reasources to poor people It means love of humans, or love of human society. Phila means love (like pedoPHILE) and anthro means hum ( Full Answer )
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What is philanthropy?

Phianthropy-1. is the love of mankind;altruism. 2. a benevolent act, gift,etc. Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others,expressed especially by the generous ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for philanthropy?

Roger was a generous and quite wealthy man. His philanthropy waswell known and is his gifts were sometimes quite large.
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Sentence with philanthropy?

Philanthropy is a desire to promote the welfare of others bydonating time or money. Many people believe that philanthropy is apersonal choice.
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What is a philanthropy examples?

I have just read that the Colombian singer Shakira is a Philanthropist. I wonder what a philanthropist person do. I work as a volunteer supporting people with especial needs a ( Full Answer )
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Philanthropy in a sentence?

Making gifts to charities and being polite to everyone else are common examples of philanthropy.
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Is philanthropy bad?

Philanthropists will argue that philanthropy is good and anti-philanthropists will say that it is bad. Both can provide valid arguments, but in the end I think the answer to t ( Full Answer )
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What kind of creature is a philanthropy?

Philanthropy is not a creature, it is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind. Common examples would include organizing a charity, donating money to ( Full Answer )
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Sentence with philanthropy-?

A sentence with the word philanthropy would be: The company has along tradition of philanthropy.