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What does a Phoenix symbolize?

The phoenix symbolizes rebirth. It might represent  the sun which dies every night and is reborn the next morning.  Among classical writers, it may represent those existing (MORE)

What is the bird Phoenix?

A phoenix is a legendary bird that sets itself on fire and rebirth from its ashes. Some people believe that there can only be one phoenix at a time. It looks like a bird on fi (MORE)

What is meaning of Phoenix?

The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, especially of the sun, and has variants in European, Central American, Egyptian and Asian cultures. In the 19th century, Hans Christian Anderso (MORE)

What is a phoenix?

Phoenix: A legendary bird that does not live on fruit or flowers, but on frankincense and odoriferous gums. When it has lived five hundred years, it builds itself a nest in th (MORE)

Meaning of Phoenix?

The Phoenix is a mythological bird, said to burst into flames when it died. It would then rise from its' own ashes with new life.
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Why is Phoenix AZ named Phoenix?

Phoenix as a city began with Jack Swilling who had come west to seek wealth in the 1850s and worked in Wickenburg. In 1867, he stopped to rest at the foot of the White Tank Mo (MORE)

In mythology what is a phoenix?

A phoenix is a bird born from fire. When it dies, it combusts and is reborn from the flames. This means that it is an immortal creature. The symbolism of rebirth has meant (MORE)