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Why is preschool important?

Preschool is an essential part of early childhood education andthey allow kids to interact better with their peers andsurroundings, all the while getting prepared for kinderga (MORE)

Is preschool free?

Each preschool has its own rules and fees; some are church or government sponsored, and some charge a fee.
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What are the ages for preschoolers?

Preschoolers usually range from the ages of 2 to 4. Two is usually the youngest age a preschooler is accepted into a program. Past the age of 4 they will enter kindergarten.

How to choose a preschool? . Parent's focus for their children's growth has to turn on its head ! What is the most important question in Indian parents' mind re (MORE)

What rhymes with preschool?

G-School kneeschool feeschool freeschool re-school yeah this is nonsense but I don't think a proper English word rhymes with this... be cool schedule virgu (MORE)

Is preschool necessary?

No, preschool in not necessary in the sense that you'll be able toenroll your child in kindergarten whether or not he (or she)attends preschool. However, it has been seen time (MORE)

Is a preschool disorganized?

Yes, sometime it is disorganized. But sometimes the toys, books, and everything is disorganized, because it is not neat, messy, and won't be able to find everything like toys, (MORE)