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What is Protestantism?

Answer The breakaway religion from the Catholic Church (see MartinLuther). Answer 2 Protestantism refers to a branch of Christianity that split offfrom Roman Catholicism in (MORE)

When was Protestantism established?

Protestantism has its origins in the sixteenth century, when Pope Leo X (1513-21) excommunicated a troublesome priest called Martin Luther. Luther's initial aim had been simpl (MORE)

What is the birth of protestantism?

Protestantism was refusal of papal authority. Clearly stated in a play "A man for All Seasons" whereby King Henry the Eighth of England was denied remarriage by the Pope when (MORE)

What is protestante?

Protestant is literally those who protest. It is any brand of Christianity other then Catholicism, and started as a protest against many of the catholic church's practices in (MORE)

What is black protestantism?

Black protestantism exemplified the synthesis in the United States of African and European cultures. Methodist and Baptist preachers converted thousands of white families and (MORE)

How Protestantism began?

Protestantism began with the "Protestant Reformation," led byMartin Luther. Luther and others were critical of certain doctrinesand what they believed to be corruption within (MORE)

What is the prayer of protestantism?

Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed by thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasse (MORE)