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How Protestantism began?

Protestantism began with the "Protestant Reformation," led byMartin Luther. Luther and others were critical of certain doctrinesand what they believed to be corruption within (MORE)

How did Protestantism become established in England?

The king wanted a divorce. The mother church in Rome would not grant it. The king did not agree with this, broke away to begin what became the Church of England, a state Churc (MORE)
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How did the word Protestantism get its name?

Martin Luther, a German monk, created a new religion, calledLutheranism. Soon, Lutheran ideas spread around Europe. People allover Europe left the Roman Catholic Church and cr (MORE)

What is Protestantism?

Answer   The breakaway religion from the Catholic Church (see Martin  Luther).   Answer 2   Protestantism refers to a branch of Christianity that split off  from (MORE)

Where did protestantism start?

  It started in Germany with Martin Luther and in England with people like William Tyndale. Basically, it started where ever those who started to draw away and reform from (MORE)

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What are the differences between Catholicism and protestantism?

There is more in common between the Catholic Church and most Protestant churches than there is different, especially in the most important things, like our faith in God as Tri (MORE)

How is the Church of England similar to Protestantism?

You will have to define the term ,"protestant,"? The Church in England is no more than a Communion of Catholic believers within the Body of Christ! Classicly Protestant refer (MORE)

When and where was protestantism founded?

The Protestant Reformation began when Martin Luther hammered his 95  theses to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Saxony  in 1517. Luther's theses protested s (MORE)