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What is reincarnation?

Some people believe that after we die, that we are reincarnated -which means that our souls are born again into another body. Thereare diverse theories regarding reincarnation (MORE)
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Can you reincarnate?

You will need to read and research some books and come up with your own opinion.
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What is reincarnate?

To reincarnate means that after a death the soul leaves the body it then finds an other body that is about to be born and inhabits it. there are many schools of thought that s (MORE)
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What is reincarnated?

there, Reincarnation is when you die, and come back as a different person; You're born again into another body. Some of those views are: *People who believe in reincarna (MORE)
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What is a reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the belief that after this body dies, your spirit will return in another body, most of the time animals other than humans. I believe Hinduism is particularly (MORE)
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How do you get reincarnated?

people believe when you die your soul leaves your body and is born into another
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Can you be reincarnated?

Some people do believe in re incarnation. It is a sort of "Well let me see if I can improve in the next re incarnation". Unfortuanately we only have one life, this one. The ar (MORE)
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Do we have a reincarnation?

Y. Answer: Yes . If God created everyone equal than how you can explain poor, rich, smart,crazy or handicapped. This is Karma theory and re carnation .
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You are reincarnated if not why?

No you are not reincarnated though many hope that they will be. Some folk realise that they have made a mess of their lives and so want a second chance. Unfortunately this doe (MORE)
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Do we get reincarnated?

We do not know. These issues are a matter of faith, they can not beproved or disproved scientifically. Some faiths are based onreincarnation (Hinduism, Buddhism) others do not (MORE)