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How did the real Robin Hood die?

There is no substantial historical evidence that a real Robin Hood ever existed. Robin Hood was feeling poorly one day so he went and visited his cousin, a nun in a convent, (MORE)

What does the hood mean in Robin Hood?

Robin Hood was a fictional character that began in the 1200's as an oral poem. Through the years the story has changed and characters added to it. In fact, the story is still (MORE)

How many ballads are there about Robin Hood?

a 19th Century ballad scholar collected 38 separate ballads. In this century it would seem that there are many more than this. However, most, if not all of them are based on v (MORE)

What is the truth about Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is a character of folklore dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many old stories about him, and many old sites, such as bays, wells, and so on, associated with (MORE)

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What are the key points of Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is a true character Robin Hood was born in 1160 and died 24th of December 1247. Bio graphical sketch: 1) Robin Hood was born approximately in the year 1160. 2) Rob (MORE)