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What happened to the band Rush?

Since this question was first ask, a lot has happened. Rush got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010. They continued to tour, continued to record new music, and in lat (MORE)

Is the band rush devil worshippers?

Absolutely not. That false claim was first made in the early 1980s,and it was spread by an evangelist who disliked rock music andbelieved hard rock and heavy metal bands were (MORE)

Where can you contact the band rush?

The best thing to do is contact them in care of their management in Toronto, SRO/Anthem Entertainment. But be prepared for the fact that the guys in Rush are constantly tourin (MORE)

What does RUSH the rock band stand for?

If you are asking whether the band's name is an abbreviation forsomething, it is not. They have used this name since 1968. If youare asking what values the band stands for, th (MORE)

What religion is the band rush?

No they are not satanist's the upright pentagram is a symbol of  protection thus meaning they are pagan, satanist use upside down  pentagrams to show the symbol of man.

Who is in the band hot rush?

They record and sing original songs that are most recognized as songs from The Disney Channel's show Shake It Up. Most known is the track "Watch Me", covered by the show's two (MORE)

Who were the founding members of the band Rush?

The original members of Rush were John Rutsey(Drummer), Alex Lifeson(Guitar) and Jeff Jones (Bass and Lead Vocals). Soon after forming, however, Jones was replaced as lead vo (MORE)