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Who were the samurai leaders?

The Samurai's leaders, that is, their employers and masters, were the landowners, mainly, who carried the title, "Daimyo". In the 1600's, roughly, the various daimyo (This is (MORE)
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Did the samurai have tattoos?

Tattooing was common in ancient Japan, particularly as badges of station and honor amongst various groups. Samurai would have tattoos indicating rank, position, and allegiance (MORE)

Why were samurai needed?

Kill ninjas. ---------------------------------------- That answer is really wrong. that was not their main purpose. nor did it happen much. -- the samurai were nee (MORE)

Were there female samurais?

In Japanese culture, there were some, they were known as "Onna bugeisha"(female warrior) They often protected homes, family, and in war. Mostly, they were Widows, wives, and r (MORE)

What are samurai?

For over 1000 years, the samurai were the military nobility of Japan. They lived and died by a disciplined, spiritual code called "Bushido" (meaning "way of the warrior"). Ski (MORE)

What does a samurai do?

fights for their lord,shogun,or emperer, or if there masters were killed either avenged them or became mercinaries.or in peace practice martial arts,calligraphy,painting,litea (MORE)

What was the purpose of the samurai?

At first the Samurai were elite bowmen on horses, they later became much more important and became some sort of nobles, whilst the Ashigaru was normal foot-soldiers the Samura (MORE)

Who were the samurai?

The Japanese knights. Taught never to surrender and never to retreat, they would commit suicide if they were defeated or ashamed and so, they became the worlds most deadly war (MORE)
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What is a samurai warrior?

Samurai was a term for the military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. Samurai (in Japanese) means "to serve".     Their are still people who are samurai. Answer there (MORE)

Who can be samurais?

  * anyone that follows the samirai code wich is called Bushido which means the way of the warrior. It was their way of life. The Samurai's loyalty to the emperor were uns (MORE)