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What did samurai do?

They were soldiers. They would work for their employer to protect his property goods and family. Samurai fought over land in Japan around 1100 to 1600, then peace until late 1 (MORE)

What are samurai?

For over 1000 years, the samurai were the military nobility of Japan. They lived and died by a disciplined, spiritual code called "Bushido" (meaning "way of the warrior"). Ski (MORE)
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Who is samurai?

Samurai are a hereditary military class of feudal Japan. Hereditary means the position (essentially a caste") was passed on from father to sons. Yje samurai subscribed to a st (MORE)

What were the samurai?

    Samurai were war lords that controlled areas of present-day Japan during the 1400-1600's.
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What did the samurai do?

They are the warriors of japan. They follow a code of honor called bushido that has 7 virtues.
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Who were samurai?

samurais were brave and strong warriors that have on short sword and one long swords
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Who are samurai?

They are warriors that battle with bows, swords and sometimes muskets some of them battle for honor and some peace. The samurai were ancient Japanese warriors meant to prote (MORE)

What did the Samurai where?

Did you mean what did the samurai do and where? Because, if yes, the samurai are warriors of Japan. They are no here anymore, but they played an important role in japan histor (MORE)

Who did the samurai answer to?

first, they followed a set of rules called the bushido, which was a code of honor. But, in physical, living and vital terms they answered to the daimyo, who were powerful terr (MORE)