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What are the scientific method and scientific attitude?

Scientific Method    1)Know your problem   2)Gather facts about your problem   3)Formulate Hypothesis   4)Experiment   5)Observe & Interpret   6)For (MORE)

What is the last step of the scientific method?

Demonstrating the truth or falsity of your hypothesis, and then, of  course, accepting, rejecting or modifying your original hypothesis  as appropriate. Answer The 5th and l (MORE)

When does the scientific method become valuable?

One user said: The scientific method becomes valuable when you internalize it as a process to solve problems in life. Examples of health problems: toothache, fever, flu,sor (MORE)

What is the scientific method sentence?

I know what you want, but a quick way to remembering it is 1. questions, 2.hypothesis, 3. experiment, 4. data, 5. conclusion, and 6. communicate. If you looked it up on the In (MORE)

What are the scientific attitude and method?

The scientific method is as follows: 1.Recognize a problem. 2.Make an educated guess-- a hypothesis. 3.Predict the consequences of the hypothesis. 4.Perform experiments to te (MORE)

What is the scientific method?

The process of the scientific method is: . Ask a Question . Do Background Research . Construct a Hypothesis . Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment . Analyze Your D (MORE)