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What is a sonnet?

There are three traditional forms of sonnets, rather there are twoand a variant that makes the third and has commonly come to beaccepted as a third form. First it is important (MORE)

Who are the sonnets about?

There appear to be four main characters in Shakespeare's Sonnets: the poet, his aristocratic Fair Friend, his Dark Mistress and a Rival Poet. Orthodox opinion currently conclu (MORE)

What has to be in a sonnet?

Nothing HAS to be in a sonnet, but the traditional English format includes having 3 quatrains and an ending couplet, resulting in 14 lines of poetry, with each line written in (MORE)
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What is sonnet about?

Sonnets are poems and can be about anything, although they can especially be about love. If you are thinking about a specific poem called "Sonnet", sorry, it's like asking abo (MORE)

What is sonnet-?

A sonnet is a 14-line poem that uses any of a number of formal  rhyme schemes. In the English language, a sonnet typically has 10  syllables in each line.