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What river flows under Sydney Harbour Bridge?

None. The Sydney Harbour Bridge goes over Sydney Harbour. The main  tributary of Sydney Harbour, also known as Port Jackson, is the  Parramatta Rver.
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What is the Main purpose of the sydney harbour bridge?

    The main purpose of the bridge was to connect the North and South shores of Sydney, because travel between the two shores was limited to ferries
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What is Sydney Harbour Bridge made of?

Materials used to construct the Sydney Harbor Bridge include: About  6,000,000 steel rivets, 2,800 tons of steelwork, including arch and  mild steel approach spans, 122,000 (MORE)
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How did the Sydney Harbour Bridge get its name?

because it's in Sydney and it's over the harbour and its a bridge   It's the bridge that spans across Sydney Harbour.    It got the nickname "the coat hanger" becau (MORE)

How big is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, though not the longest, with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour. At 48. (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

To enable people to get from one side of the harbour to the other without taking a ferry. To link the south and the north side of Sydney Harbor.
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